How To Select A Child's Shoe

Wondering how to guarantee that your option of shoes is the finest for your kid? It is important to select the right footwear remembering your child's comfort and level of outside activity.

Making the right option of shoes for your kid can be a taxing exercise. Choices are aplenty, however how can you ensure that your option of footwear is the finest for your child? The human foot has 26 bones interacting to guarantee health and mobility for a lifetime. Uncomfortable footwear can put your child at threat of brief and long-term injuries.

Doctors suggest that children under the age of 5 ought to be motivated to walk barefoot in the home. The sensory feedback from the floor assists in developing the tone of the muscles, not just of the feet, however also of the leg and spinal column. Excellent foot care can help in the growth of a healthy and painless feet, which is why you must regularly check for blisters or inflammation in your kid's feet.


This is where most moms and dads get it incorrect. We prepare for the size however there are many other elements that differ on the basis of the age of the child. Various shoes are readily available for kids depending upon their age-group and their phase of development.

Foot issues

Incorrect shoes not only causes deformities like flat feet, high arched feet or in-toe walking, but also affects posture, balance and co-ordination of the whole body. Flat feet is common in children as much as 3 years of age. However, consult a physiotherapist and use corrective foot orthotics together with routine shoes to repair such deformities.


Preeti Agarwal Gupta, a leading footwear and devices designer, insists that moms and dads find a shoe that is of the right size, guaranteeing that the length and width is appropriate for the kid's feet. For this, the designer recommends that evaluating the shoes prior to buying them is a must. "Make your kid use the shoes and walk around a bit; also check for unspoken indications like limping, red marks and unwillingness to use a particular set of shoe," says Preeti.