Designer Bags For Men

You didn't think that it is simply the females that lusted after designer bags, did you? Where have you been? Males have actually been eliminating it with high-end and designer bags both on and off the runways. Although they do not moan and faint over designer bags as females do, or possibly some do, the male population does appreciate a good bag that he can carry his valuables in.

Not just are the bags convenient and practical, however it is likewise a subtle way to establish your existence amongst the rich and the elite. Here are the top 5 essential designer bags for guys right now.

The briefcase.

We hate to sound stereotyped, however every male needs a good brief-case. These useful and sturdy pieces of device have actually been around for ages and truly so. The brief-case is perfect if you work in an office of any capacity. They carry all your accessories in one place and make you look polished at the same time.

Pieces to think about-- Bottega Veneta Intrecciato calf leather briefcase, Gucci Ophidia brief-case, Prada leather briefcase. Mulberry Belgrave brief-case and D&G minimal brief-case. Wish to make a statement? The Gucci Tiger print briefcase is perfect.

The belt bag.

This design of bag has been all the rage for the last couple of seasons, and it is still going strong. Practical and trendy, you see everyone from the A-listers to the typical Joes rocking this bag. Approved, you can not put all your belongings in it, however it is best when you're running errands or having your passport prepared at check-in.

You will not go incorrect with choices like the D&G mania belt bag, Burberry check belt bag, Cerruti zipped bag, Salvatore Ferragamo logo design bag, and Alexander McQueen skull-print logo design bag.

The handbag.

Gone are the days when bags were exclusively for women. Some of the trendiest guys have the biggest purse collection, Jeffree Star is a timeless example. These bags are not for the faint of heart. They blend the line in between masculinity and expressing your character.

Finest pieces to get are Herm├Ęs Kelly or Birkin, Louis Vuitton Supreme Range, Maison Margiela glam purse, Guidi square cross body bag and, Gucci pail bag.